George IV (or simply George) was the King of Serenia, and father of princess Priscilla (later Queen Priscilla).


Not so many years ago, King George suffered a terrible loss. His fair daughter, Princess Priscilla, had been abducted by the great and dreadful wizard, Harlin, to his castle beyond the Great Mountains. The evil wizard had divided the king's kingdom of Serenia in half; he moved the Great Mountains to the North beyond the Unknown, creating a vast ocean in between, and surrounded the king's village with the Endless Desert to create obstacles against his enemies and prevent them from saving the princess.[1]

The King sent his town crier into the village with a proclamation offering half of his kingdom of Serenia to anyone who would rescue his daughter, and bring her back safely. George IV, was able to convince a wandering barbarian (the wanderer) to accept his challenge and attempt rescuing his daughter. The man accomplished that quest but, he had more brawn than brain, walked off into the Endless Desert with a bloody broadsword in one hand, and a few gold coins in the other, but neglected to carry any water. He died a short time later.

Not so many years later, George IV's kingdom was passed onto his daughter and her husband Kenneth the Huge. They legislated peace and love and harmony between all. But the penalties for breaching those laws is severe.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

King George was originally mentioned in the prologue on the back of the box for all Atari 400/800 and Apple II editions of The Wizard and the Princess. The King's Quest Companion gave him the name George IV.

Extended portions of the Atari re-release manual makes a reference to Priscilla's father from the back of the game box, and his kingdom.[3]

His name suggests there has been four kings of Serenia named George. However, it is not clear how many kings Serenia has had total since the first Withdrawal.

George IV's maybe on the gold and silver coins of Serenia (if not his daughter or Kenneth the Huge).


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