Harlin's Castle was located in the foothills north of the Great Mountains on the northern continent.


The castle is surrounded by a circular moat filled with Crocodiles. A single drawbridge crosses over the moat. The gate leads into the entry hall.

Entry hallEdit

The entry hall has passages heading north and west, and a staircase leading up to the second floor (to the east/west hallway). The western passage leads into the assembly room. The northern passage leads into the wizard's maze of passages.

Wizard's MazeEdit

A passage in the maze leads to the dungeon and another passage in the maze leads to a small empty room with a locked door that leads into a short hallway on the second floor.

Second floorEdit

Through the door is a short hallway, a stairway leads up into a tower. The eastern exit leads into a tiny room (which once held the enchanted Priscilla). The exit to the east leads into the east/west hallway on the second floor (banisters look down to the floor below). The east exist of east-west hallway leads into a room with a closet.

Assembly roomEdit

The assembly room is the location of a grand table, with many chairs surrounding it. A flag hangs on one wall. There are doorways to the north, east and west. The east doorway leads to the entry hall. The western passage leads to the throne room. The north passage leads into the ballroom.

Throne roomEdit

Harlin's throne room is sparsley decorated. It contains only his throne, and an ottoman.


Six chairs lay against two walls of the ballroom. Passages lead north and south. The southern passage leads to the assembly room, and the northern passage leads into the kitchen. The room is used for dancing.


The kitchen is an old fashioned kitchen. There is a sink with a water pump on the eastern wall. The pump no longer worked. A cabinet is located on the northern wall next to a wood-burning stove. Passages lead west and south. The western passage leads into the dining hall, and the southern passage leads into the assembly room. There is a drawer on the western wall, but it is empty.

Dining hallEdit

The dining hall has a table with four chairs around it. There are passages to the east and south. The passage to the east leads into the kitchen. The southern passage leads into the courtyard.


The courtyard was where Harlin kept an angry boar. The courtyard is surrounded by the tall walls of the castle. A passage to the north leads into the dining hall.



Behind the scenesEdit

The command 'dance' works in the ballroom, although this is useless, and only initiates an 'ok.'

Likewise you can sit in the chairs in the various rooms, but the game only says 'ok.'

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