Priscilla was once the princess of Serenia, and daughter of King George IV.


Once the fair princess of Serenia, she was was kidnapped by Harlin the Malevolent. Harlin had turned her into a frog. She was rescued by a legendary individual, a barbarian, remembered only as "The Wanderer" was sent to her homeland from the distant future by Harlin, given the chance to rescue her. Priscilla was able to appear as a vision far more fair, than the wizard had been to the hero. She explained that what the wizard had warned was true; his magic was powerful and the obstacles great, but that the journey was far from impossible. She offered him a computer and a few words of encouragement and advice. Finally she explained to him that he was 'the wanderer' of legend fated to save her, and that he would have to go on the journey on his own.

After a long journey, the Wanderer broke the curse by kissing her. He then kissed her again, she found it delicious. He then used magic shoes to return her to her home in Serenia. The adventurer turned down the offer by her father of marriage to princess and the kingdom, and went into the Endless Desert where he died (his remains were later discovered by King Graham). She later became Queen Priscilla of Serenia, and now rules the kingdom with her husband Kenneth the Huge. They have legislated peace and love and harmony between all. The penalty for breaching those laws is severe.[1]

History proceed just as it had been fated. It would be years before Harlin could rejuvenate and set into motion to turn back time and change history. But in doing so he created the means of his own demise (unknowingly he chose the same barbarian who would kill him in the past).

Personality and traitsEdit

During her captivity Princess Priscilla had learned a bit of wizardry herself. This included the power to record and rewind time. Bring people back to life if they died by reversing time.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Priscilla and her father are mentioned on in the prologue on the back of the box of the various editions of Wizard and the Princess (all Atari 400/800 and Apple II versions), and her role is extended somewhat in the prologue included in the manual of later re-releases of Wizard and the Princess on Apple II and Atari 400/800 (including the c64 version).

Priscilla has been portrayed in different ways in three different package art, and in the games, see Priscilla's wardrobe.

Princess Alicia maybe the daughter of Priscilla, as she is found in Serenia. But nothing is specifically mentioned about Alicia's homeland. Her boyfriend Herbert was from Greys. But its unclear if both were visiting from a nearby land, or if Herbert was visiting Alicia.


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